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GoodBo Mould was founded in 1988 and is located in Shenzhen, adjacent to Yantian Port with convenient transportation. After more than a decade of development and improvement, we are a qualified mold manufacturer. More than 90% of our products are exported to foreign countries, and our products are very popular worldwide.

GoodBo Mold provides you with the advantage of low cost, as well as the high engineering and production standards expected by the injection molding industry in Europe, North America, Japan, and some large domestic enterprises. The professional field covers Blow Molding,Multi color injection molding,Plastic mold,Mock up sample,Die Casting Mold,Plastic injection. GoodBo Mold is willing to cooperate with our customers with good quality and perfect service. GoodBo Mold has global customers such as Samsung,Ford,KONKA,HP,Haier,HONDA,Hyundai,Canon,Media,etc.

Product Name plastic lamp mould supplier
Plastic Materials PE(polyethylene),PMMA(poly methyl methacrylate),PA(polyamide) ,...etc.
Standard ISO9001
Place of Origin
Other materials Rubber, Slilconce rubber, LSR,Aluminum, Zinc,Copper...Metal...etc.
Quality RoSH and SGS standard
Feature Non marking and Non flash
According to your 2D, 3D Drawing
Packaging  Size:

154 * 176 * 270

Please consult us for specific details

Standard exported Wooden box packed, Fumigation process(upon required)
Mold Building Lead Time
4 - 5 weeks, Part measurement report (upon required)
Export region
Export Country
Burkina Faso,Belgium,Uzbekistan,El Salvador, ...etc.
Surface treatment
Polish. Etched. Texture
15 years experience in plastic injection mold making and plastic parts produce.
Mould making technology
Plastic flow/deform simulation,CNC Programming...etc.
Hot/ Cold Runner
HUSKY, INCOE, YDDO, HASCO, DME, MoldMaster, Masterflow, Mastip...etc.
Mould Life
500000 Shots. (According to your working environment.)
Wire Cuting Machine,Grinding machine,EDM ,CMM,Drilling machines...etc.
Lead time (days)
To be negotiated
 Please note: The above table data is for reference only. For specific information, please contact us.

GoodBo Mould is one of the leading plastic lamp mould supplier in China, and our mission is to provide customers with high-quality products and the highest quality service.

GoodBo Mould appoints a project manager to each individual project and client. The project manager is in charge of the entire project from start to finish providing direct communication for the client. All project management teams communicate in English.

To efficiently manage projects and achieve the required lead time, project manager is appointed to monitor the process of manufacture. Process charts are issued every 8 days via e-mail include digital photographs of the work in progress, creating a real-time tooling progress assessment.

plastic lamp mould supplier---FAQs Guide

1.Can plastic lamp mould supplier produce large quantities of molds?

We operate our plastic lamp mould supplier business with integrity and honesty.
Yes, a mold manufacturer can produce a large volume of molds. Depending on the complexity of the mold, the manufacturer may need to use specialized equipment and processes to produce the molds in large volumes.

2.As a plastic lamp mould supplier, what is the shipping method?

It could be shipped by sea,by air or by express(EMS,UPS,DHL,TNT,FEDEX and ect).Please confirm with us before placing orders.

3.What are the main factors to consider when choosing a plastic lamp mould supplier?

We maintain a stable growth through reasonable capital operations, focus on industry development trends and cutting -edge technologies, and focus on product quality and safety performance.
1. Quality: Ensure that the mold manufacturer has a proven track record of producing high-quality molds. Ask for references and samples of their work.
2. Cost: Compare quotes from different mold manufacturers to ensure you are getting the best value for your money.
3. Experience: Choose a mold manufacturer with experience in the type of mold you need.
4. Delivery: Make sure the mold manufacturer can meet your timeline and delivery requirements.
5. Technology: Ensure the mold manufacturer has the latest technology and equipment to produce the highest quality molds.
6. Communication: Make sure the mold manufacturer is easy to communicate with and responsive to your needs.

4.Are plastic lamp mould supplier required to comply with any regulations or standards?

We have established a good reputation and reliable partnerships within the plastic lamp mould supplier industry.Yes, mold manufacturers must comply with a variety of regulations and standards, including those set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). These standards cover topics such as safety, design, and quality control. Additionally, many states have their own regulations and standards that mold manufacturers must follow.

Are plastic lamp mould supplier required to comply with any regulations or standards?

5.As a plastic lamp mould supplier,are there any maintenance requirements for the mold?

We adhere to the principle of integrity and transparency, and establish long -term relationships with partners, and we attach great importance to this detail.
Yes, molds require regular maintenance to ensure they are in good working order. This includes cleaning, inspecting, and lubricating the mold components, as well as checking for any signs of wear or damage. Additionally, molds should be stored in a dry, dust-free environment to prevent corrosion and other damage.

6.As a plastic lamp mould supplier, your factory scale

Our company currently has over 200 employees and produces around 400-600 sets of various plastic injection molds annually.

7.As a plastic lamp mould supplier, can you provide samples before mass production?

Yes, GOODBO MOULD can provide samples before mass production. We can make samples according to your design drawings or your samples. The sample fee and mold cost will be charged. After the sample is approved, we will start mass production.

8.As a plastic lamp mould supplier,can molds produce different colors?

We pay attention to the introduction and training of talents, scientifically regulate the management system, and focus on cultural construction and team cohesion.
Yes, molds can be produced in different colors. Depending on the material used to make the mold, different colors can be achieved. For example, silicone molds can be dyed with food-safe dyes to achieve a variety of colors.

As a plastic lamp mould supplier,can molds produce different colors?

9.As a plastic lamp mould supplier,what type of mold can you make?

Our company has many years of plastic lamp mould supplier experience and expertise.
1. Injection molds
2. Compression molds
3. Blow molds
4. Vacuum molds
5. Transfer molds
6. Rotational molds
7. Die casting molds
8. Sand casting molds
9. Investment casting molds
10. Lost wax casting molds

10.As a plastic lamp mould supplier,can molds be made for complex shapes and designs?

We focus on our customers' needs and strive to meet their expectations, so we take this very seriously.Yes, molds can be created for complex shapes and designs. Mold makers use a variety of techniques to create molds for complex shapes and designs, such as CNC machining, 3D printing, and hand sculpting.

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