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GOODBO MOULD LIMITED is a company with over 20 years of manufacturing experience. As our business and customer reputation improve, we focus on designing, developing, and manufacturing high-quality molds. We delve deeper into designing, developing, producing, and selling innovative ODM&OEM products.

Our professional field covers Die Casting Mold,Mold standard components,Mock up sample,Multi color injection molding,Plastic injection,Blow Molding and others. We strive for excellence in all aspects, especially in short delivery cycles, as we continuously increase our high praise for our employees and processes. The company currently has over 200 employees and annual can produce around 400-600 sets of various plastic injection molds, including home appliances,office appliances,communicating equipments,auto parts .

After years of development, we have collaborated with global clients such as Samsung,Canon,KONKA,Media,Hyundai,Nissan,Ford,HONDA,HP,Sony . We have a solid team with rich experience in industrial design, 3D structural design, tooling production, certificate consulting, project management, QA/QC, and production management.

Product Name plastic bottle cap moulds
Plastic Materials POM(polyformaldehyde),PPO(poly phenylene oxide),GPS(general polystyrene) ,...etc.
Standard ISO9001
Place of Origin
Other materials Rubber, Slilconce rubber, LSR,Aluminum, Zinc,Copper...Metal...etc.
Quality RoSH and SGS standard
Feature Non marking and Non flash
According to your 2D, 3D Drawing
Packaging  Size:

169 * 129 * 278

Please consult us for specific details

Standard exported Wooden box packed, Fumigation process(upon required)
Mold Building Lead Time
4 - 5 weeks, Part measurement report (upon required)
Export region
Export Country
Argentina,Bahrain,Latvia,Saint Lucia, ...etc.
Surface treatment
Polish. Etched. Texture
15 years experience in plastic injection mold making and plastic parts produce.
Mould making technology
CNC Programming,2D Modelling...etc.
Hot/ Cold Runner
HUSKY, INCOE, YDDO, HASCO, DME, MoldMaster, Masterflow, Mastip...etc.
Mould Life
500000 Shots. (According to your working environment.)
Drilling machines,CMM,EDM ,CNC,Milling machine...etc.
Lead time (days)
To be negotiated
 Please note: The above table data is for reference only. For specific information, please contact us.

GoodBo Mould is one of the leading plastic bottle cap moulds manufacturers in China, and our mission is to provide customers with high-quality products and the highest quality service.

GoodBo Mould appoints a project manager to each individual project and client. The project manager is in charge of the entire project from start to finish providing direct communication for the client. All project management teams communicate in English.

To efficiently manage projects and achieve the required lead time, project manager is appointed to monitor the process of manufacture. Process charts are issued every week via e-mail include digital photographs of the work in progress, creating a real-time tooling progress assessment.

plastic bottle cap moulds---FAQs Guide

1.What are the most important features of a plastic bottle cap moulds?

We continue to improve plastic bottle cap moulds products and processes to improve efficiency.
1. Durability: The mould should be able to withstand the high temperatures and pressures of the injection moulding process.
2. Precision: The mould should be able to produce parts with a high degree of accuracy and repeatability.
3. Surface Finish: The mould should be able to produce parts with a smooth, consistent surface finish.
4. Ease of Maintenance: The mould should be easy to maintain and repair.
5. Cost: The mould should be cost-effective to produce and maintain.

2.About plastic bottle cap moulds,which materials do you support?

We offer clients a wide range of materials:ABS(acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene copolymer), CA(cellulose acetate), AS(acrylonitrile-styrene), GPS(general polystyrene), HDPE(high density polyethylene), LDPE(low density polyethylene), PA(polyamide), PBTP(poly butylene terephthalate), PC(polycarbonate), PE(polyethylene), PETP(poly ethylene terephthalate), PMMA(poly methyl methacrylate), POM(polyformaldehyde), PP(polypropylene),PPO(poly phenylene oxide), PPS(poly phenylene sulfide), PUR(polyurethane), PVC(poly vinyl chloride), TPE(thermoplastic), etc.

3.what is mould?

We have flexible production capacity. Whether you are large orders or small orders, you can produce and release goods in a timely manner to meet customer needs.
Mould is a type of fungus that grows in damp, warm environments. It can appear as a fuzzy or slimy substance on walls, ceilings, and other surfaces. Mould can cause health problems, such as allergies and respiratory issues, and can damage the structure of a building.

4.How does the quality of a plastic bottle cap moulds affect its production speed?

As one of the plastic bottle cap moulds market leaders, we are known for innovation and reliability.
The quality of a mould affects its production speed because a higher quality mould will be more precise and have fewer imperfections, which will allow it to produce parts faster and with fewer defects. Poorly made moulds can cause production delays due to imperfections that require additional time to fix or rework. Additionally, higher quality moulds are typically made from higher quality materials, which can also help to increase production speed.

5.What is the significance of angle control in plastic bottle cap moulds?

We have advanced production equipment and technology to meet the needs of customers, and can provide customers with high quality, low priced plastic bottle cap moulds products.Angle control in moulds is important for ensuring that the finished product has the desired shape and dimensions. It is also important for controlling the flow of molten material during the injection moulding process. Angle control helps to ensure that the molten material is evenly distributed throughout the mould cavity, which helps to reduce the risk of defects in the finished product. Additionally, angle control helps to reduce the risk of warping and other deformities in the finished product.

What is the significance of angle control in plastic bottle cap moulds?

6.How does the plastic bottle cap moulds contribute to cost-effectiveness in terms of production efficiency and material utilization?

Being one of the top plastic bottle cap moulds manufacturers in China, We attach great importance to this detail.Molds are used to create parts and components with a high degree of accuracy and repeatability. This helps to reduce waste and increase production efficiency. The use of molds also allows for the efficient use of materials, as the same mold can be used to create multiple parts with the same shape and size. This reduces the amount of material needed to produce a given number of parts, resulting in cost savings. Additionally, molds can be designed to reduce the amount of time needed to produce a part, further increasing production efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

7.How do plastic bottle cap moulds hardness and mould flexibility affect its performance?

We pay attention to user experience and product quality, and provide the best product quality and lowest production cost for cooperative customers.Mould hardness and mould flexibility can have a significant impact on the performance of a mould. Harder moulds are more durable and can withstand higher temperatures and pressures, making them ideal for high-volume production. However, they are also more difficult to modify and can be more expensive to produce. On the other hand, softer moulds are more flexible and can be modified more easily, making them ideal for low-volume production. However, they are also more prone to wear and tear and can be less durable.

8.How can a plastic bottle cap moulds be corrosion-resistant?

We have a wide range of plastic bottle cap moulds customer groups and establishes long -term cooperative relationships with partners. The countries we provide services include Cuba,Mali,Ukraine,Syria,French Polynesia,Chile.Moulds can be made corrosion-resistant by using materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, and other alloys that are resistant to corrosion. Additionally, the moulds can be coated with a corrosion-resistant material such as a paint or a powder coating.

9.How does the temperature of a plastic bottle cap moulds affect the moulding process?

We have a professional team that is committed to the innovation and development of plastic bottle cap moulds.Temperature is a critical factor in the moulding process. If the mould is too cold, the plastic material will not flow properly and the moulded part will be of poor quality. If the mould is too hot, the plastic material will degrade and the moulded part will be of poor quality. The ideal temperature for the mould depends on the type of plastic material being used. Generally, the mould should be heated to a temperature that is slightly higher than the melting point of the plastic material. This will ensure that the plastic material flows properly and the moulded part has a good finish.

10.What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a 3D printed plastic bottle cap moulds?

We should enjoy a good reputation in the industry, and we can increase the added value of the products of cooperative customers through technological innovation.Advantages:
1. Cost-Effective: 3D printed moulds are much cheaper than traditional moulds, making them a great option for small businesses and startups.
2. Quick Turnaround: 3D printed moulds can be produced quickly, allowing for faster product development and prototyping.
3. Versatility: 3D printed moulds can be used to create complex shapes and designs that would be difficult to achieve with traditional moulds.
4. Customization: 3D printed moulds can be customized to fit specific needs, allowing for greater flexibility in product design.
1. Limited Durability: 3D printed moulds are not as durable as traditional moulds and may not be able to withstand the same level of wear and tear.
2. Limited Materials: 3D printed moulds are limited to the materials that can be used in the printing process, which may not be suitable for certain applications.
3. Limited Accuracy: 3D printed moulds may not be as accurate as traditional moulds, which can lead to imperfections in the finished product.
4. Limited Finishes: 3D printed moulds may not be able to achieve the same level of finish as traditional moulds, which can affect the overall quality of the product.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a 3D printed plastic bottle cap moulds?

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