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GoodBo Mould Group was founded in 1988 and is a professional manufacturer and trader engaged in the research and production of Die Casting Mold,Mock up sample,Blow Molding,Mold standard components,Plastic mold,Plastic injection and injection molds. We are located in Guangdong, China, with a factory address in Shenzhen and convenient transportation.

All of our products meet international quality standards and are highly appreciated in various markets around the world. We have over 200 employees and annual produce around 400-600 sets of various plastic injection molds, including auto parts,office appliances,medical instruments,communicating equipments, etc. Our well-equipped facilities and excellent quality control throughout the entire production phase enable us to ensure comprehensive customer satisfaction.

Product name molded plastic parts service
Place of Origin Shenzhen,China
Cold Runner. Hot Runner: Yudo
Colors Customized Colors
Design software
Packing Size(cm)


Specific consultation with us

Brand Name GoodBo Mould
Export region
Export country
Mould life
300000 shots
Product Material
PMMA(poly methyl methacrylate),PVC(poly vinyl chloride),PETP(poly ethylene terephthalate)...etc.
Mould making technology
3D Modelling,CNC Programming...etc.
After-sales Service
Always maintained
Packaging Details
Packed in cartons
Supply Ability

2000-100000 Set/Sets per Month

(See specific model products)

Lead time (days)
20-40 (To be negotiated)
Mould BaseLKM,HASCO...
 Please noteThis table is for reference only, please consult us for specific information.

GoodBo Mould is one of the leading molded plastic parts service in China, and our mission is to provide customers with high-quality products and the highest quality service.

GoodBo Mould appoints a project manager to each individual project and client. The project manager is in charge of the entire project from start to finish providing direct communication for the client. All project management teams communicate in English.

To efficiently manage projects and achieve the required lead time, project manager is appointed to monitor the process of manufacture. Process charts are issued every 7 days via e-mail include digital photographs of the work in progress, creating a real-time tooling progress assessment.

molded plastic parts service---FAQs Guide

1.As a molded plastic parts service, what is your production capacity?

The annual manufacturing capacity is around 400-600 sets of various plastic injection moulds for parts of auto parts, home appliances, medical instruments, office appliances and communicating equipments, etc.

2.As a molded plastic parts service, how long does it take to build an injection mold?

In general, it will take 2-4 weeks, depending on the complexity and cavity Number of the mold.

As a molded plastic parts service, how long does it take to build an injection mold?

3.As a molded plastic parts service,can molds be made for complex shapes and designs?

We focus on our customers' needs and strive to meet their expectations, so we take this very seriously.Yes, molds can be created for complex shapes and designs. Mold makers use a variety of techniques to create molds for complex shapes and designs, such as CNC machining, 3D printing, and hand sculpting.

4.As a molded plastic parts service,have any environmental measures been adopted in mold manufacturing?

We focus on innovation and continuous improvement to maintain a competitive advantage.
Yes, there are a number of environmentally-friendly practices utilized in mold manufacturing. These include using recycled materials, reducing energy consumption, and using water-based lubricants and coolants. Additionally, some mold manufacturers are using 3D printing technology to reduce waste and energy consumption.

As a molded plastic parts service,have any environmental measures been adopted in mold manufacturing?

5.How do molded plastic parts service handle the production of molds of different sizes simultaneously?

Our molded plastic parts service products have competitive and differentiated advantages, and actively promote digital transformation and innovation.
A mold manufacturer typically uses a combination of automation and manual labor to handle the production of different-sized molds simultaneously. Automation can be used to quickly and accurately produce molds of different sizes, while manual labor can be used to ensure that each mold is produced to the highest quality standards. Additionally, the mold manufacturer may use a variety of tools and techniques to ensure that the molds are produced in the most efficient manner possible.

6.As a molded plastic parts service,can the mold be customized?

We adhere to the principle of quality first and have a complete production quality management system and quality inspection process.Yes, molds can be customized. Depending on the type of mold, customization can involve changing the shape, size, or material of the mold. Custom molds can be made from a variety of materials, including metal, plastic, rubber, and silicone.

As a molded plastic parts service,can the mold be customized?

7.How do molded plastic parts service solve demolding problems?

We have a professional team that is committed to the innovation and development of molded plastic parts service.
Mold manufacturers address issues with mold release by using a variety of techniques, such as using a release agent, applying a coating to the mold, or using a combination of both. Release agents are typically applied to the mold before the molding process begins and can be either a liquid or a powder. Coatings are applied to the mold after the molding process is complete and can be either a permanent or a temporary solution. Additionally, mold manufacturers may use a combination of both release agents and coatings to ensure the best possible results.

8.How can molded plastic parts service address potential design defects?

We continue to invest in research and development and continue to launch innovative products.A mold manufacturer can address potential design flaws by using a variety of methods. These methods include using computer-aided design (CAD) software to create a 3D model of the mold, using finite element analysis (FEA) to simulate the mold’s performance, and using rapid prototyping to create a physical model of the mold. Additionally, the manufacturer can consult with the customer to ensure that the design meets their needs and expectations. Finally, the manufacturer can use quality control measures to ensure that the mold is manufactured to the highest standards.

How can molded plastic parts service address potential design defects?

9.As a molded plastic parts service,what industries commonly use molds do you have?

We should enjoy a good reputation in the industry, and we can increase the added value of the products of cooperative customers through technological innovation.
1. Plastics manufacturing
2. Food production
3. Pharmaceuticals
4. Automotive
5. Aerospace
6. Jewelry
7. Ceramics
8. Glassblowing
9. Candle making
10. Soap making

10.As a molded plastic parts service, how is your mold designed?

molded plastic parts service is not a product only, but also can help you comes to money-making.Molds are designed using CAD (Computer Aided Design) software. The software is used to create a 3D model of the desired part, which is then used to create a mold. The mold is then machined using CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines to create the desired shape. The mold is then tested to ensure it meets the desired specifications.

As a molded plastic parts service, how is your mold designed?

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