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ShenZhen GoodBo Mould Co., Ltd is your professional and efficient service partner, and your best supplier of Plastic injection,Mock up sample,Blow Molding,Die Casting Mold,Multi color injection molding,Mold standard components and other products. Our products have a wide variety, excellent quality, reasonable prices, and are widely recognized and trusted by end users. With our innovative, dedicated, and experienced team, we can provide your mold manufacturer with the tools, products, and solutions they need.

Our factory is located in Shenzhen, the famous "manufacturing capital" of China. Having a professional management team and adopting a modern horizontal open management model. We define quality as the overall customer satisfaction and actively promote standardization of components and management. GoodBo Mould has global customers such as HONDA,Samsung,Hyundai,Haier,Sony,Media,FAW-Volkswagen,Ford,Canon,HP. We believe that "high quality comes from every detail", which is why we win customer loyalty. We welcome you to explore various possibilities.

Product name medical plastic mold
Place of Origin Shenzhen,Guangdong
Cold Runner. Hot Runner: Yudo
Colors Customized Colors
Design software
Packing Size(cm)


Specific consultation with us

Brand Name GoodBo Mould
Export region
Export country
Mould life
300000 shots
Product Material
PETP(poly ethylene terephthalate),PP(polypropylene),PE(polyethylene)...etc.
Mould making technology
2D Modelling,Plastic flow/deform simulation...etc.
After-sales Service
Always maintained
Packaging Details
Packed in cartons
Supply Ability

2000-100000 Set/Sets per Month

(See specific model products)

Lead time (days)
20-40 (To be negotiated)
Mould BaseLKM,HASCO...
 Please noteThis table is for reference only, please consult us for specific information.

GoodBo Mould is one of the leading medical plastic mold manufacturers in China, and our mission is to provide customers with high-quality products and the highest quality service.

GoodBo Mould uses a integrated approach to establish the best process for the manufacturing of your product. Once the production is in place we use web-based communication, design and file transfer tools that streamline every step processing and fulfilling the project.

Files can be imported and exported in all common formats, including: IGES,STP,DXF,PRT, etc. If your files are in another format, contact your project manager and we can arrange to accommodate your needs. File transfers are done via FTP or E-mails. To quickly and easily transfer a design file to GoodBo Mould, contact your project manager for instructions.

medical plastic mold---FAQs Guide

1.About the scale of medical plastic mold factory

Our company currently has over 200 employees and produces around 400-600 sets of various plastic injection molds annually.

2.What factors affect the lifespan of a medical plastic mold?

We are centered on customers and always pay attention to customers' needs for medical plastic mold products.
1. Temperature: Temperature can affect the growth and survival of moulds. Generally, moulds grow best in warm, damp environments. High temperatures can kill some moulds, while low temperatures can slow down their growth.
2. Humidity: High humidity levels can promote the growth of moulds, while low humidity levels can inhibit their growth.
3. Light: Moulds need light to grow, so exposure to light can affect their lifespan.
4. Airflow: Poor air circulation can create an environment that is conducive to mould growth.
5. Nutrients: Moulds need nutrients to survive, so the availability of nutrients can affect their lifespan.
6. pH: The pH of the environment can affect the growth of moulds. Generally, moulds prefer slightly acidic environments.

3.About medical plastic mold warranty

If the quality is poor, we will provide a 100% refund. Firstly, we will investigate the root cause of the problem and then take measures to prevent it from happening again in the future. This includes changes to mold design, process, or materials used.

4.How does shrinkage of the material being moulded affect the finished product?

We have rich industry experience and professional knowledge, and have strong competitiveness in the market.Shrinkage of the material being moulded can affect the finished product in a variety of ways. If the material shrinks too much, it can cause warping, cracking, or other deformities in the finished product. It can also cause the product to be smaller than expected, or to have a different shape than intended. Additionally, shrinkage can cause the product to have a different surface finish than expected, or to have a different color than intended.

How does shrinkage of the material being moulded affect the finished product?

5.What is the difference between cast and machined medical plastic mold?

We actively participate in the medical plastic mold industry associations and organization activities. The corporate social responsibility performed well, and the focus of brand building and promotionCast moulds are made by pouring molten metal into a mould cavity, while machined moulds are made by cutting and shaping metal with a machine tool. Cast moulds are typically used for low-volume production, while machined moulds are used for high-volume production. Cast moulds are generally less expensive and faster to produce, while machined moulds are more precise and can produce more complex shapes.

6.What kind of lubricants are used to reduce medical plastic mold friction?

We have a good reputation and image in the industry. The quality and price advantage of medical plastic mold products is an important factor in our hard overseas market.Silicone lubricants, graphite lubricants, and PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) lubricants are all commonly used to reduce mould friction.

7.Is the medical plastic mold adaptable to different injection molding machines?

We are committed to providing personalized solutions and established long -term strategic cooperative relationships with customers.Yes, the mold can be adapted to different injection molding machines. Depending on the type of mold and the complexity of the part, some modifications may be necessary.

8.About medical plastic mold production equipment

Our mold processing equipment mainly includes stamping equipment, CNC machining equipment, electrical discharge machining equipment, wire cutting machines, plasma cutting machines, lathes, milling machines, grinders, drilling machines, and casting equipment.

About medical plastic mold production equipment

9.What type of steel is normally used for a medical plastic mold?

We focus on our customers' needs and strive to meet their expectations, so we take this very seriously.
Tool steel is typically used for moulds. Common types of tool steel include high-speed steel, hot-work steel, cold-work steel, shock-resistant steel, and plastic mould steel.

10.What other factors need to be taken into account when designing a medical plastic mold?

We have a first -class management team, and we pay attention to teamwork to achieve common goals.
1. The type of material to be used for the mould: Different materials have different properties and require different mould designs.
2. The size and shape of the part to be produced: The mould must be designed to accommodate the size and shape of the part.
3. The number of cavities: The number of cavities in the mould will affect the design.
4. The type of injection moulding machine to be used: The mould must be designed to fit the injection moulding machine.
5. The type of cooling system to be used: The mould must be designed to accommodate the cooling system.
6. The type of ejection system to be used: The mould must be designed to accommodate the ejection system.
7. The type of surface finish to be achieved: The mould must be designed to achieve the desired surface finish.
8. The type of gate to be used: The mould must be designed to accommodate the gate.
9. The type of runner system to be used: The mould must be designed to accommodate the runner system.
10. The type of venting system to be used: The mould must be designed to accommodate the venting system.

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