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GoodBo Mould is a professional manufacturer with over 20 years of experience in the mold industry. We have always been regarded by global customers as gold manufacturers and suppliers. Our production factory has advanced facilities for molding, screen printing, painting, assembly, packaging, and testing.

We are proud of our integrated production system, research and development, design, production, and high-quality control processes. The principle of GoodBo Mould is to ensure quality first and reputation first. GoodBo Mould has global customers such as Nissan,KONKA,HONDA,Media,Haier,Canon,FAW-Volkswagen,Ford,HP,Sony,etc.

Product Name injection plastic mold factory
Plastic Materials PP(polypropylene),ABS(acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene copolymer),PPS(poly phenylene sulfide) ,...etc.
Standard ISO9001
Place of Origin
Other materials Rubber, Slilconce rubber, LSR,Aluminum, Zinc,Copper...Metal...etc.
Quality RoSH and SGS standard
Feature Non marking and Non flash
According to your 2D, 3D Drawing
Packaging  Size:

223 * 122 * 155

Please consult us for specific details

Standard exported Wooden box packed, Fumigation process(upon required)
Mold Building Lead Time
4 - 5 weeks, Part measurement report (upon required)
Export region
Export Country
Burkina Faso,Bulgaria,Namibia,French Guiana, ...etc.
Surface treatment
Polish. Etched. Texture
15 years experience in plastic injection mold making and plastic parts produce.
Mould making technology
Plastic flow/deform simulation,2D Modelling...etc.
Hot/ Cold Runner
HUSKY, INCOE, YDDO, HASCO, DME, MoldMaster, Masterflow, Mastip...etc.
Mould Life
350000 Shots. (According to your working environment.)
EDM ,Grinding machine,CMM,Stamping equipment,Drilling machines,CNC...etc.
Lead time (days)
To be negotiated
 Please note: The above table data is for reference only. For specific information, please contact us.

GoodBo Mould is one of the leading injection plastic mold factory in China, and our mission is to provide customers with high-quality products and the highest quality service.

At GoodBo Mould we fully test all molds in-house. Trial reports and process data are provided to the client for rapid start up and all clients can be assured of tight quality control that guarantees a quality product. Mold trial run samples will be provided together with inspection reports.

We offer clients a wide range of materials to meet their product specifications, including the following:POM(polyformaldehyde),LDPE(low density polyethylene),PETP(poly ethylene terephthalate),PP(polypropylene),PBTP(poly butylene terephthalate),TPE(thermoplastic),PVC(poly vinyl chloride),ABS(acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene copolymer),AS(acrylonitrile-styrene),PA(polyamide),PPO(poly phenylene oxide),CA(cellulose acetate),HDPE(high density polyethylene),GPS(general polystyrene),PC(polycarbonate), etc.

injection plastic mold factory---FAQs Guide

1.As a injection plastic mold factory, can we produce molds for food grade materials?

Our mission is to provide customers with the best solutions for injection plastic mold factory.
Yes, molds can be produced for food-grade materials. Food-grade molds are typically made from stainless steel, aluminum, or food-grade plastic. These materials are non-toxic and safe for use with food products.

2.How do injection plastic mold factory handle the transportation and delivery of molds?

We should perform well in market competition, and the prices of injection plastic mold factory products have a great competitive advantage.
Mold manufacturers typically handle transportation and delivery of molds by using a third-party shipping company. The mold manufacturer will package the mold securely and provide the shipping company with the necessary information to ensure the mold is delivered safely and on time. The mold manufacturer may also provide tracking information to the customer so they can monitor the progress of the shipment.

3.How can injection plastic mold factory address potential design defects?

We continue to invest in research and development and continue to launch innovative products.A mold manufacturer can address potential design flaws by using a variety of methods. These methods include using computer-aided design (CAD) software to create a 3D model of the mold, using finite element analysis (FEA) to simulate the mold’s performance, and using rapid prototyping to create a physical model of the mold. Additionally, the manufacturer can consult with the customer to ensure that the design meets their needs and expectations. Finally, the manufacturer can use quality control measures to ensure that the mold is manufactured to the highest standards.

4.As a injection plastic mold factory,can molds be used for prototyping and mass production?

We actively participate in the injection plastic mold factory industry associations and organization activities. The corporate social responsibility performed well, and the focus of brand building and promotionYes, molds can be used for both prototyping and mass production. Molds are typically used for mass production, but they can also be used to create prototypes. This is especially useful for products that require complex shapes or intricate details.

As a injection plastic mold factory,can molds be used for prototyping and mass production?

5.How do injection plastic mold factory ensure the accuracy of their products?

Our products & services cover a wide range of areas and meet the needs of different fields.
A mold manufacturer can ensure precision in their products by using high-precision machining equipment, such as CNC machines, to create the molds. They can also use CAD/CAM software to design the molds and ensure accuracy. Additionally, they can use quality control measures such as measuring the molds with calipers and other precision instruments to ensure accuracy. Finally, they can use a variety of materials, such as aluminum, steel, and plastic, to create molds that are durable and precise.

6.What services do injection plastic mold factory typically provide?

We are a professional injection plastic mold factory company dedicated to providing high quality products and services.
Mold manufacturers typically offer a variety of services, including design and engineering, prototyping, production, and post-production services. Design and engineering services include CAD/CAM design, mold flow analysis, and mold optimization. Prototyping services include rapid prototyping, 3D printing, and CNC machining. Production services include injection molding, blow molding, and compression molding. Post-production services include assembly, finishing, and packaging.

7.As a injection plastic mold factory, your factory scale

Our company currently has over 200 employees and produces around 400-600 sets of various plastic injection molds annually.

8.As a injection plastic mold factory,can I get a quote without drawings?

Yes, all you need to do is provide a detailed idea, and we will turn it into a blueprint through design. But you need to provide as much information as possible about the product you want to shape, such as materials, dimensions, and any other specifications.

As a injection plastic mold factory,can I get a quote without drawings?

9.As a injection plastic mold factory, your quality system

We define quality as total customer satisfaction and actively deploy the push of the work for components and management standardization.Excellent and adequate processing equipments, and normalized and efficient production management are the guarantee for mould quality and delivery.

10.As a injection plastic mold factory, what are your production equipment?

Our mold processing equipment mainly includes stamping equipment, CNC machining equipment, electrical discharge machining equipment, wire cutting machines, plasma cutting machines, lathes, milling machines, grinders, drilling machines, and casting equipment.

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