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ShenZhen GoodBo Mould Co., Ltd has its own research, production, sales team, and after-sales service, and has been engaged in this industry for over 20 years. Mainly selling Blow Molding,Plastic mold,Multi color injection molding,Plastic injection,Mold standard components,Die Casting Mold, etc.

The company currently has over 200 employees and produces around 400-600 sets of various plastic injection molds, including office appliances,medical instruments,communicating equipments,auto parts, annually. The cohesion of the team reflects excellent quality and service. We firmly believe in adhering to the basic principles of quality, service, and innovation. We believe that "high quality comes from every detail", which is why we win customer loyalty. We welcome you to explore various possibilities.

Product name abs plastic molds
Place of Origin Shenzhen,Guangdong
Cold Runner. Hot Runner: Yudo
Colors Customized Colors
Design software
Packing Size(cm)


Specific consultation with us

Brand Name GoodBo Mould
Export region
Export country
Mould life
400000 shots
Product Material
CA(cellulose acetate),LDPE(low density polyethylene),PUR(polyurethane)...etc.
Mould making technology
2D Modelling,Plastic flow/deform simulation...etc.
After-sales Service
Always maintained
Packaging Details
Packed in cartons
Supply Ability

2000-100000 Set/Sets per Month

(See specific model products)

Lead time (days)
20-40 (To be negotiated)
Mould BaseLKM,HASCO...
 Please noteThis table is for reference only, please consult us for specific information.

GoodBo Mould is one of the leading abs plastic molds manufacturers in China, and our mission is to provide customers with high-quality products and the highest quality service.

Excellent and adequate processing equipments, and normalized and efficient production management are the guarantee for mould quality and delivery.

GoodBo Mould continuous investment in our mold making facilities has kept the company at the forefront of quality injection mold making. Backed up by our experienced mold maker and management personnel, our philosophy is: DO IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME, EVERY TIME. Manufacture of both simple and complex molds and molding parts,24-hours operations to meet your needs,Short lead-time,Complete In-House Mold-Making Facilities,etc.

abs plastic molds---FAQs Guide

1.What kind of lubricants are used to reduce abs plastic molds friction?

We have a good reputation and image in the industry. The quality and price advantage of abs plastic molds products is an important factor in our hard overseas market.Silicone lubricants, graphite lubricants, and PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) lubricants are all commonly used to reduce mould friction.

2.How does shrinkage of the material being moulded affect the finished product?

We have rich industry experience and professional knowledge, and have strong competitiveness in the market.Shrinkage of the material being moulded can affect the finished product in a variety of ways. If the material shrinks too much, it can cause warping, cracking, or other deformities in the finished product. It can also cause the product to be smaller than expected, or to have a different shape than intended. Additionally, shrinkage can cause the product to have a different surface finish than expected, or to have a different color than intended.

3.How important is the accuracy of a abs plastic molds?

We operate our abs plastic molds business with integrity and honesty.The accuracy of a mould is extremely important, as it directly affects the quality of the finished product. If the mould is not accurate, the product may not fit together properly, or may not have the desired shape or size. In addition, if the mould is not accurate, it can lead to defects in the finished product, such as warping, cracking, or other imperfections.

4.Is the abs plastic molds adaptable to different injection molding machines?

We are committed to providing personalized solutions and established long -term strategic cooperative relationships with customers.Yes, the mold can be adapted to different injection molding machines. Depending on the type of mold and the complexity of the part, some modifications may be necessary.

Is the abs plastic molds adaptable to different injection molding machines?

5.What are the most important features of a abs plastic molds?

We continue to improve abs plastic molds products and processes to improve efficiency.
1. Durability: The mould should be able to withstand the high temperatures and pressures of the injection moulding process.
2. Precision: The mould should be able to produce parts with a high degree of accuracy and repeatability.
3. Surface Finish: The mould should be able to produce parts with a smooth, consistent surface finish.
4. Ease of Maintenance: The mould should be easy to maintain and repair.
5. Cost: The mould should be cost-effective to produce and maintain.

6.What types of machines are needed to produce a abs plastic molds?

Our company has many years of abs plastic molds experience and expertise.The types of machines needed to produce a mould depend on the type of mould being produced. Generally, machines such as CNC milling machines, lathes, grinders, and EDM machines are used to produce moulds. In addition, injection moulding machines may be used to produce plastic moulds.

7.How is the surface of a abs plastic molds treated to improve its performance?

We have established a good reputation and reliable partnerships within the abs plastic molds industry.The surface of a mould can be treated in a variety of ways to improve its performance. Common treatments include polishing, sandblasting, shot peening, and coating with a release agent. Polishing the surface of the mould can help reduce friction and improve the mould's ability to release parts. Sandblasting can help remove any imperfections or burrs on the surface of the mould. Shot peening can help increase the surface hardness of the mould and improve its wear resistance. Finally, coating the mould with a release agent can help reduce sticking and improve the mould's ability to release parts.

8.About abs plastic molds production equipment

Our mold processing equipment mainly includes stamping equipment, CNC machining equipment, electrical discharge machining equipment, wire cutting machines, plasma cutting machines, lathes, milling machines, grinders, drilling machines, and casting equipment.

About abs plastic molds production equipment

9.Does the abs plastic molds design comply with industry standards and regulations?

As one of the top abs plastic molds manufacturers in China, we take this very seriously.Yes, the mold design should comply with industry standards and regulations. It is important to ensure that the mold design meets all applicable safety and quality standards.

10.Are there any special solutions for making abs plastic molds with deep walls or complex shapes?

Our products & services cover a wide range of areas and meet the needs of different fields.Yes, there are several special solutions for making molds with deep walls or complex shapes. These include using a CNC machining process, 3D printing, vacuum forming, and injection molding. Each of these processes has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it is important to consider the specific requirements of the project before deciding which process is best.

11.What factors affect the lifespan of a abs plastic molds?

We are centered on customers and always pay attention to customers' needs for abs plastic molds products.
1. Temperature: Temperature can affect the growth and survival of moulds. Generally, moulds grow best in warm, damp environments. High temperatures can kill some moulds, while low temperatures can slow down their growth.
2. Humidity: High humidity levels can promote the growth of moulds, while low humidity levels can inhibit their growth.
3. Light: Moulds need light to grow, so exposure to light can affect their lifespan.
4. Airflow: Poor air circulation can create an environment that is conducive to mould growth.
5. Nutrients: Moulds need nutrients to survive, so the availability of nutrients can affect their lifespan.
6. pH: The pH of the environment can affect the growth of moulds. Generally, moulds prefer slightly acidic environments.

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