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Custom Plastic Moldings from China, custom plastic injection molding from China, come to custom plastic moldings with one-stop plastic molding customizing.

Goodbo mould  has established one company named Goodbo Group it help customer custom plastic molding service from this subsidiaries. Please click this link to make further understanding to Goodbo Mould Co Web:.

In order to offer you a fine and precision Custom Plastic Molding, Goodbo Mould invested a huge amount of plastic injection molding equipments such like injection molding machines with the biggest size 1800TON, automation robot system, mold temperature controlling system, dust free workshop, FDA certificate.

Custom Plastic Moldings from Goodbo Mould, we offer you one stop plastic molding service, from the plastic components design to mold making, plastic components molding and if necessary with plastic surface treatment such like chrome plating UV and PU painting until packaging.

 Custom Plastic Moldings need below necessary information:

  • Plastic material model Nr.
  • Plastic components color Panton Nr. Or Ral Nr.
  • 1st shipment quantity and followed shipment quantity
  • Weekly, monthly or yearly quantity
  • Each colors quantity details
  • Packaging requirements
  • Need surface treatment or not
  • Need assembling or not
  • ………

Come Goodbo Mould Co. for one stop Custom Plastic Moldings service, we are sure that you will be satisfied for the quality, service, price and promptly deliver.

















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